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We offer practical solutions that transform everyday conversations into inspired action and impeccable results.


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We believe that today’s conversations lay the foundation for the future we build together and are the source of organizational value and results.


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Our clients’ ROI is our bottom line. Hear what our clients have to say about their work with us.


Articles & White Papers

The Engagement Imperative

Learn how leaders at Hewlett-Packard, Capital One, McDonald’s, and Southwest Airlines were able to leverage commitment and connection as the source of engagement to align employees, customers, and investors around a shared purpose; to act quickly, align deeply, and adjust often to deliver exceptional business results. From The 2010 Pfeiffer Annual: Leadership Development. Posted with permission of Pfeiffer, An Imprint of Wiley.

The Interaction Economy

In it, the judgment and experience to build and evolve valuable, complex relationships out of initially diverse views and often conflicting interests is key. Leaders will not only be required to have and to manage knowledge, they will be required to integrate knowledge across complex systems to achieve shared business value..


Paul Cochrane

Holding the beautiful game lightly

Paul Cochrane

The current FIFA debacle and the allegations of corruption bring into focus the role sports administrators should play in administering their core activity -sport. This month has seen story after story about those who run the game – those who arrange the tournaments, look after the wellbeing of players and generally administer the game. FIFA…

Paul Cochrane

“Wonna play?”

Paul Cochrane

At Conversant we are passionate about sport – for us its not just about sport itself – exciting though it will always be to see our favourite team winning in the last minute – for us it’s also about the huge potential that sport has to influence society itself. Sport is after all a sub…


The Heart of Transformation

Jennifer Simpson

For anyone who has lived through, or led, large-scale change in today’s corporate environment, the notion that “people resist change” often stands as a taken-for-granted starting point for any discussion about how to catalyze or manage people through transition. In fact, the most common change models are often loosely based on Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’ Stages of…

Anne Murray Allen

How to Develop and Keep Shared Commitment

Anne Murray Allen

Most of the intractable problems we face as a global community will not be fixed by any one organization, one sector, one government, or one leader.

Sally Rundle

Changing the Brain

Sally Rundle

During the Australian AMP “Igniting our spark” sessions, I experience a sense of wonderment as the actors from The Jump (Conversant Asia Pacific corporate acting troupe) transform the mood, the space and the energy of the group during role plays, interludes and playback. The effect of their activities creates a positive mood that sustains peoples’…